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10.2 Installation on non-Unix systems

It should be relatively straightforward to compile FFTW even on non-Unix systems lacking the niceties of a configure script. Basically, you need to edit the config.h header (copy it from to #define the various options and compiler characteristics, and then compile all the ‘.c’ files in the relevant directories.

The config.h header contains about 100 options to set, each one initially an #undef, each documented with a comment, and most of them fairly obvious. For most of the options, you should simply #define them to 1 if they are applicable, although a few options require a particular value (e.g. SIZEOF_LONG_LONG should be defined to the size of the long long type, in bytes, or zero if it is not supported). We will likely post some sample config.h files for various operating systems and compilers for you to use (at least as a starting point). Please let us know if you have to hand-create a configuration file (and/or a pre-compiled binary) that you want to share.

To create the FFTW library, you will then need to compile all of the ‘.c’ files in the kernel, dft, dft/scalar, dft/scalar/codelets, rdft, rdft/scalar, rdft/scalar/r2cf, rdft/scalar/r2cb, rdft/scalar/r2r, reodft, and api directories. If you are compiling with SIMD support (e.g. you defined HAVE_SSE2 in config.h), then you also need to compile the .c files in the simd-support, {dft,rdft}/simd, {dft,rdft}/simd/* directories.

Once these files are all compiled, link them into a library, or a shared library, or directly into your program.

To compile the FFTW test program, additionally compile the code in the libbench2/ directory, and link it into a library. Then compile the code in the tests/ directory and link it to the libbench2 and FFTW libraries. To compile the fftw-wisdom (command-line) tool (see Wisdom Utilities), compile tools/fftw-wisdom.c and link it to the libbench2 and FFTW libraries

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